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    Paramount Air Duct Cleaning

    Air Scrubber Plus

    We offer the Air Scrubber Plus by Aerus because we want you to have the best clean for your home. This device uses specialized air purification technology like no other to eliminate airborne contaminants that try to enter your home.

    If you or your family is greatly affected by allergens, dust, or suffer from a weak immune system; the Air Scrubber Plus is a great way for you to reduce (and even eliminate) these contaminants. If you’d like to know more about how the air scrubber works and can help you, contact us!

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    Santa Monica's Fast and Reliable Air Duct Cleaning Contractor

    At Paramount Air Duct Cleaning, we offer high-quality, affordable, and fast air duct cleaning services in most areas of Santa Monica. Our team has been in this field of service for more than a year now and still counting. We cannot reach this far without our customers who have been trusting our capacity and capability in handling any air duct cleaning services. The good thing about Paramount Air Duct Cleaning is that all of our technicians have 10 to 20 years of experience and license to handle any projects related to air duct services. In short, our team can be your dependable air duct services provider to maintain your system’s efficiency. 

    Here are the following advantages of choosing Paramount Air Duct Cleaning:

    • Cost-effective rates, no additional fees for weekends and holidays
    • All of us in our team are certified, licensed, insured, and well-trained.
    • Accurate air duct services appointment and always come on time
    • Our professionals will never fail your expectations
    • Uses high-quality and long-lasting equipment and parts for the service
    • Accept payment through debit, Visa, MasterCard.
    • 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction

    Are you looking for a highly equipped and licensed technician to assist you with your air duct services needs? You have nothing to worry about because Paramount Air Duct Cleaning’s team is ready to help you with your concerns as soon as possible. 

    To learn more about Paramount Air Duct Cleaning in Santa Monica, you can talk to our customer services team now!


    Paramount Air Duct Cleaning

    Helen M.

    Paramount Air Duct Cleaning

    How grateful I was to have your technician for the air duct cleaning services a week ago! I thanked him for bringing the tools and arriving at my place earlier than the expected time. I like your technician because he was so determined and professional in working on the given task. I can conclude that he is one of your fully trained and equipped technicians that can handle the air cleaning services excellently. Thank you for not failing my expectations about your overall service, guys! Five stars to all of you! I should highly recommend your services to all of my friends here in our area!

    Paramount Air Duct Cleaning

    Megan G.

    Paramount Air Duct Cleaning

    It was yesterday when I decided to hire the professionals of Paramount Air Duct Cleaning because I needed someone professional to clean my ductwork system that has tons of dirt. Thankfully, these guys were fast to respond and even forwarded me a precise and friendly technician who managed to finish the job at the most convenient time. The service I had from this guy was fantastic, and I’m impressed that it makes me hire their services again by the next time I will have trouble with my units. It was a phenomenal air duct cleaning service indeed! I highly recommend their services to everyone!

    Paramount Air Duct Cleaning

    Michael T.

    Paramount Air Duct Cleaning

    Paramount Air Duct Cleaning is the top choice I considered for the cleaning of my air ducts and vents at home. The first time I chose them was when I found and read all the encouraging and satisfying positive reviews they had in their previous customers on their website. I called them right away, and I am glad I did as I was satisfied and in awe with my first experience with them. The technician who did the cleaning service was fantastic and did a thorough and efficient cleaning job. I was very happy and content with their services and will call them back whenever needed in the future. I highly recommend Paramount Air Duct Cleaning!

    Serving the entire Santa Monica, CA area, including:

    Sunset Park, Ocean Park, Pico District, Midtown Santa Monica, Downtown Santa Monica, Ocean Avenue, Northeast, Montana Avenue, North of Montana Avenue, North of San Vicente, Santa Monica Canyon

    We provide the best repair service in Santa Monica, CA ZIP code areas:

    90401, 90402, 90403, 90404, 90405, 90406, 90407, 90408, 90409, 90410, 90411

    We service every street and neighborhood in Santa Monica, CA:

    Entrada Drive , Ermont Place , Esparta Way , Euclid Court , Euclid Street , Exposition Boulevard , Foxtail Drive , Frank Street , Franklin Street , Fraser Avenue , Frederick Street , Gale Place , Georgina Avenue , Glenn Avenue , Glenn Court , Goldsmith Street , Grant Street , Cloverfield Boulevard , Colorado Avenue , Copeland Court , Darlington Avenue , Delaware Avenue , Dewey Place , Dewey Street , Ocean Front , Ocean Front Walk , Ocean Park Boulevard , Ocean Park Pl N , Ocean Park Pl S , Ocean Way , Olympic Boulevard , Ozone Avenue , Pacific Coast Highway

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